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About us:

 Nurturing a small business and small humans since 2004.

 The road to Oilcloth Alley was far from direct, after 10 years of living and working abroad, I decided to return to sunny San Diego to start a family. After my two children were born, my entrepreneurial spirit awakened and I began to brainstorm ideas for my own small business.

 While restoring a vintage airstream I first came across oilcloth. The sight and feel of this material immediately brought back feelings of comfort and memories of being in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother. I've always been a fan of all things vintage, and I began envisioning all of the nostalgic, retro designs I could create with this fabric.

 Oilcloth Alley started out small, sewing a few oilcloth bags at the kitchen table. Over time, with passion and dedication, Oilcloth Alley has grown into a thriving American small business. I now work alongside a handful of wonderful employees, and together we sell a wide variety of oilcloth products across the country.  I'm incredibly proud to help provide jobs for hardworking Americans. That's why every product we sell is designed and crafted right here in the USA.

 In keeping with my original inspiration, most of Oilcloth Alley's designs have a charmingly retro look and feel. From 50s-style aprons to the delightfully vintage fabric designs on our outdoor tablecloths, one of my stylistic goals is to share the feeling of warmth and nostalgia these classic designs can bring.

 Like any creator, I always have ideas for new designs and products, and I look forward to watching my company's natural growth. However, Oilcloth Alley is resolutely a small US business, and we intend to remain so. Quality items like ours can't be mass produced; they require a level of care and commitment that can only come from a dedicated team. And that's exactly what we have.


Our contact information            

Denise Bos
Oilcloth Alley
2600 Temple Heights Suite B
Oceanside CA 92056

Mailing address:
3330 Graybar Ct
Oceanside, CA 92056

Phone: +1.760.214.6152